Dermatological Surgery

Dermatological surgery has undergone pioneering research and development over recent years, producing effective therapeutic and cosmetic skin care treatments. These advanced technologies have resulted in minimally invasive techniques, and now dermatologic surgeons can achieve medically effective and cosmetically elegant results. Procedures are typically less intense as well as safer; and your skin heals quicker than ever before.

Dr Stevens is a Dermatologic surgeon who specialises in surgical procedures and minimally invasive treatments for the skin. His primary focus is on the health and beauty of your skin, from head to toe. He performs both medically necessary surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures to maintain the health, function and appearance of your skin.

His practise includes the application of surgical and non-surgical skills and methods for diagnosing and treating various skin, hair, nail and vein conditions. These include benign growths, skin cancers, ageing skin and excess hair. As experts on living skin cells,

dermatologic surgeons are uniquely qualified to employ a range of corrective and preventive techniques to keep skin healthy, vibrant and youthful-looking.

These skills are also used in the treatment of skin cancer. As a Dermatologic Surgeon and skin cancer specialist, Dr Stevens is one of the foremost practitioners in the diagnosis, removal and closure of skin cancer. From simple biopsy and excisions through to Mohs’ micrographic surgery, and including preventive laser therapy of pre-cancerous growths, dermatologic surgeons can control and effectively treat skin cancer with early detection. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, Dr Stevens takes a holistic approach to ensure his patients receive the best skin care and treatment to address their problem.

Howard Stevens Dermatologist London