Laser Surgery

Using advanced laser and light-based technology, Dr Stevens provides expert diagnosis and treatment of medical skin conditions through a wide range of laser procedures. He performs both medical and cosmetic procedures, supported by a highly skilled and experienced team of nursing staff. The Laser Suite at Skin Care Network has four treatment rooms.

Conditions regularly treated by Dr Stevens at the Skin Care Network Laser Unit include:

  • * Acne
  • * Acne scarring
  • * Actinic keratoses
  • * Age spots
  • * Excessive sun damage
  • * Hemangiomas
  • * Human papilloma virus
  • * Keloid scarring
  • * Melasma
  • * Port-wine stain
  • * Rosacea
  • * Spider vein and varicose veins
  • * Tattoo removal

Dr Stevens specialises in laser treatment for vascular skin lesions, brown age-spots and facial thread veins. We have four different laser systems in the clinic including Intense

Pulsed Light, which can be used in acne, rosacea, facial redness, keloid scars and for photo rejuvenation. We also provide competitive rates for laser hair removal and offer tattoo removal.

Howard Stevens Dermatologist London