**NB, These prices exclude fees charged by the private Hospital operators (BMI, Spire, Skin Care Network, etc) which will charge a facility fee as well as a histology and pathology fees (where required). You are advised to check on the hospital websites or PHIN (Private Health Insurance Network) for fee information.

Initial consultation: £240
Follow up visit: £200

Procedures are charged in addition to initial consultation fees and include local anaesthesia fees (AC100).

Biopsy of skin lesion
A biopsy is the surgical removal of a small piece of tissue which is examined under the microscope to help your doctor make a diagnosis. This can lead to the diagnosis of a condition and it can also rule out any serious problems. A biopsy is performed as day surgery under local anaesthetic and you will be able to go home after the operation.
Diagnostic biopsy (S1500) - £114**
Excision biopsy body (S0633) - from £146**
Excision biopsy head and neck (S0632) - from £146**
Excision biopsy body (S0643) - £361**
Excision biopsy head and neck (S0632 - £146 per lesion**
Excision of skin cancers
This includes more serious conditions such as casal cell carcinomas, squamous carcinomas and malignant melanomas where the tissue has become cancerous, or is suspected of being skin cancer. Wide excision is the surgical removal of a skin cancer with part of the surrounding normal tissue to make sure the tumour has been completely removed. This treatment is performed as day surgery under local anaesthetic and you will be able to go home after the operation.
Wide excision of malignant lesion body (S0603) - £361**
Wide excision of malignant lesion head and neck (S0602) - £361**
Secondary wide excision of malignant lesion body (S0605) - £361**
Secondary wide excision of malignant lesion head and neck (S0604) - £361**

Sometimes after removal of a skin cancer the Defect (amount of skin removed) is
too large for a simple closure in which case a small flap may be required (S2500) - £635**

Curettage of skin lesion
A more superficial wound can be treated by curettage, scraping off the lesion from the surface of the skin. This is a type of electrosurgery as the wound is cauterised (heated) to stop the bleeding and close it once completed. A local anaesthetic is applied to numb the pain. You will be able to go home on the same day.
Currette and Cautery single lesion (S1110) - £114**
Currette and Cautery multiple lesion (S0820) - £361**

Persistent warts can take up to two years to disappear and cryotherapy is a highly effective way to remove them. Liquid nitrogen is applied for a few seconds to freeze and destroy the affected skin cells. A sore blister can form which will scab and fall off seven to 10 days later. Each session of cryotherapy takes five to 30 seconds per lesion and can be painful. The number of sessions needed depends on the size of the warts, with a few weeks between each treatment.
Cryotherapy (S1110) - £108**
Cryotherapy to multiple lesions (S0820) - £289**

Photodyamic therapy
Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) selectively destroys precancerous and cancerous cells within the epidermis. It also treats large areas of skin safely, with excellent clinical and cosmetic results. It is totally non-invasive, so there is no surgery or cutting involved. The process is largely pain free for smaller treatment areas. For treatments involving larger areas a local anaesthetic injection may be used to make the treatment more comfortable. This is day surgery and complete recovery is within one to two weeks.
Photodyamic therapy (S0606 and S0607) - £289**

Skin flap
This is a process of moving healthy, adjacent skin to cover a wound, making a good, cosmetic match. Post-operation soreness wears off after a day or two and painkillers are recommended if required. Advice on make up to cover the scar can be provided.
Repair using small local flap (S2500) - £635**

Laser treatment
Laser technology treats vascular and pigmented skin problems, hair removal and facial rejuvenation. It also helps with scar reduction and scar softening. Laser skin treatment is a precise treatment which applies intense light beams. It is less invasive than surgery and recovery is straightforward with little discomfort.
Laser treatment to skin less than 25cm2 (S0922) - £169**
Laser treatment to skin more than 25cm2 (S0922) - £338**

Fees charged to insurance companies may vary.

Insurance Coverage
Dr Stevens is recognised by all major UK insurers and he charges within the fee guidelines for all major UK insurers including: Bupa, AXA PPP, Cigna, Vitality Health, WPA, Simply Health, and Exeter Friendly. Many insurance companies have limits in their outpatient/in-patient coverage. It is recommended you check with your insurer the level of coverage.

Commercial interests: Dr Stevens trades using the companies London Dermatology Limited and Dermatology Network Limited. Dr Stevens Founded and manages Skin Care Network in which he is the Registered manager. He is a Director of and has controlling interest in these 3 companies.